Our story

Anduin Transactions is an early-stage technology startup that was started based on conversations between Joe Lonsdale and his network of entrepreneur and venture friends.

They needed something to be done to fix the confusing, messy, slow, expensive, and sometimes error-prone processes surrounding primary and secondary transactions in the private market.

Our mission

We are on a mission to create an easy-to-use system that transforms the private market ecosystem in a way that informs and protects entrepreneurs and investors.

Our workflow engine is built with interchangeable building blocks that can be reconfigured for any type of multi-party transaction. Starting with primary financing, we aim to build up a comprehensive data hub that can help drive transparency and trust across the industry—by sharing knowledge about standard legal terms and by improving the transaction process.

Our leadership

Alin Bui's photo (B&W)

Alin Bui

Co-founder & CEO

Joe Lonsdale's photo (B&W)

Joe Lonsdale


Julien Houbin's photo (B&W)

Julien Houbin

Product Director

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Binh Nguyen

VP of Engineering

Paul Ipavec

Business Development Lead

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Can Nguyen

Legal Lead

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Tram Nguyen

Operations Lead